Sacramento Housing Market Expected to be National Front Runner

With Covid pushing businesses to offer more work-from-home options than ever before, people are free to live just about anywhere with internet connection. More and more young families are discovering the Sacramento areas. Areas like Elk Grove, Carmichael, and Oak park are seeing more real estate interest from out of town residents than ever before.

The increase in demand is currently paired with a housing shortage, leading buyers to throw thousands of dollars above the asking price. While this may be the only way to land a house in these hot markets, it can leave buyers with a big mess as they unlock their new homes. That is why it is important to check a handful of internal features before getting too cozy.

Check the Roof

As you start to get cozy and you hear thunder rolling in the distance, nothing can ruin the ambiance more than feeling raindrops falling on your head. Before your furniture is destroyed by your first big storm, it might be wise to hire a local roofing guy to give a free inspection before you get settled.

Check for Termites

Even if you had a home inspection prior to the purchase of your new home, most inspections don’t cover termites. Call a local pest control specialist to check for termites. It is much easier to address a termite infestation earlier than later.

Check the Water Heater

Water heaters can be an investment to replace, depending on the style. But dealing with a broken water heater as it floods your house or garage is a messy situation that insurance might not cover. Check for signs of water heater damage including rust, external leaks, high pressure, and sediment.

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