Christmas Light Displays in Carmichael CA

If you are aware of any great Christmas light displays here in Carmichael California, please feel free to post them here, or over at the website

Here is a link to Christmas light displays in Sacramento County. The site does not currently list any in Carmichael, but it does list several in Elk Grove, Sacramento, Folsom and Citrus Heights.

Driving around and looking at Christmas lights is fun for people everywhere!

Where is your favorite place to view Christmas lights?

Sports Massage Near Carmichael California

MMA fighters, wrestlers, bikers, swimmers, rnuners and athletes of all types know the benefits of a sports massage, or will shortly after getting their first massage. Recovery times are accelerated as toxins are worked out of the body.

Here are some of the massage therapists and other wellness providers near Carmichael who provide sports massage:

Welshons Chiropractic and Wellness Center. Located on Fair Oaks Blvd in Carmichael California, Dr. Deb provides all sorts of services to local clients. On her website, she describes “What is a Dr-Debism?” And, people on Yelp absolutely love her:
Read Tee W.‘s review of Welshons Chiropractic on Yelp

Meltdown Beauty Lounge. Hair styling, skin care, and massages all take place at this Fair Oaks beauty salon. This place gets mixed reviews on Yelp, but people seem to really like the facials.

Cedar Springs Massage and Spa. This place, according to Google reviews, has really gone downhill lately. I haven’t been there personally, and can’t make any recommendations.

What makes a good sports massage?

This wellness center in San Marcos, California points out that some massage therapists use various modalities of massage and will custom tailor a massage for you to expedite muscle recovery. Their sports massage page goes on to explain that inrared therapy helps some athletes as well.

A Doctor in Riverside runs the “Sports Massage Clinic”. They treat specific medical conditions which athletes may encounter.

My pick

Given the above information, my personal vote goes to Welshons Chiropractic and Wellness Center. Have you been to Welshons? Did you get a good sports massage? Did you recover faster, and did it boost your performance?



Carmichael California DMV Offices Closed October 2016

The DMV today blamed their computer woes as the perfect storm.

Hard drives crashes left several computers down. They had a recovery plan in place, however, several computers failed at the same time, and the DMV simply couldn’t handle having so many machines down at once, hence, the perfect storm.

According to Sacramento CBS Local, offices affected by the outage in the region include Sacramento, Stockton, South Lake Tahoe, Auburn, Carmichael, Roseville, Woodland, Yuba City, Manteca, Jackson, Vacaville, Turlock, Sonora, Modesto, Folsom and Fairfield.

Some residents will be unable to get their vehicle registration until lines cool down. And that means much more walking. All that walking may lead to some people needing massage therapy! Their article on massage therapy says that “some muscles won’t be used to the new level of activity they are being used for, and may end up feeling sore any how. This is where massage therapy can really help.”

For local massages in Carmichael, be sure to check out Baratta Holistic Center.

Guide Dog, Grandson Save Grandmother’s Life in Carmichael CA

According to an article on KSLA, Leigh Anne Miller Grandma, a type 1 diabetic, went into diabetic shock the morning of August 14th, 2016. Her guide dog, which appears to be a specially trained chocolate lab, noticed she needed help and nudged her grandson, who acted fast and called 911.

Fortunately, the grandson was staying with her that night.

Alexander is a true hero!
KSLA News 12 Shreveport, Louisiana News Weather & Sports

Who founded Carmichael CA?

Carmichael, California was founded by a man named Dan Carmichael in the early 1900s. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Carmichael made his way to California in 1885 at the age of 18. He spent about a decade working at various jobs before joining a real estate company that he eventually bought out in 1900. Active in politics, Carmichael was at various times treasurer and mayor of California.

He wasn’t the first person to have a claim on the land that eventually became Carmichael. In 1844, a man named Joel P. Dedman was given 20,000 acres in a land grant. Carmichael purchased 2,000 acres of that property for around $150,000 to $200,000 and advertised it in 1909 as available for purchase in lots of 10 acres. He called it Carmichael Colony 1. Later, he bought another 2,000 acres that were part of the former Del Paso Rancho Mexican grant that was given to Eliab Grimes, also in 1844, and this became Carmichael Colony 2.

The area that is Carmichael today was once inhabited by the Maidu Indians. They were there at least 3,000 years ago, and it is believed that as settlers came west, they were driven out. Carmichael himself never settled in his namesake. His family continued to live in Sacramento. The first settlers in present-day Carmichael were a couple named Charles and Mary Deterding, and the site they purchased is today known as Ancil Hoffman Park.

Carmichael the man did not fare as well as the city named after him. Reportedly, he had no money when he died in San Francisco in 1936. His city, however, continued to thrive. The population grew to 300 families by the late 1920s, and over the next two decades, the population increased to more than 4,000. It continued to grow into the present day.

Pokemon GO Pokestops Map for Carmichael CA

The American River College is hands down the place to be for Pokemon GO players. The Frog Leap Waterfall, Oak Cafe Fountain, Bench Memorial, Saturn mural and Architect’s Rock are just a few of the places at ARC where you can find Pokestops.

Hagan Community Park is the runner up with stops at the petting zoo, gazebo, and Petersen Field.

Of course, there are Pokemon at the Pokestops at churches and museums.

Want a list? I have you covered. Here is every Pokestop in 95608:

Please do not drive when playing Pokemon!

You’re supposed to walk!

The G and O in GO is for Go Outside! 🙂 If your legs hurt, you should get a massage after playing Pokemon! (according to this massage therapist)…

Carmichael CA Officer Involved in Fatal Shooting June 18 2016

It is a last resort for almost any officer and that appears to be the case, according to the witness in this video above.

According to this article, a teenager led police on a high speed chase. Sacramento County Sheriff’s deputies attempted to stop a Honda Civic whose driver was driving erratically. After pulling the driver over, the car began accelerating in reverse towards deputies who in return opened fire.

The 17yr old driver was struck and killed.

Head On Collision in Carmichael CA Ends in Tragedy May 18 2016

California Highway Patrol recently responded to a terrible accident in which a car crossed into a turn only lane for oncoming traffic.

The passenger in the vehicle which crossed into oncoming traffic was taken to the hospital with severe injuries. Unfortunately, the woman, who was from Fair Oaks, later died from those injuries.

The initial news report is here on ABC10.

A local attorney points out on their blog that investigators are still determining the cause of the swerve/accident, and that sometimes distracted driving may play a role.

Similar crash in Stockton

Recently in Stockton there was a similar accident reported by Fox 40 where a Lincoln crossed into oncoming traffic and hit a truck head one. The driver of the Lincoln died as a result of the collision.

This Stockton injury lawyer says here that “On average there is a fatal auto accident in Stockton once every few weeks.”


If you or a loved one is injured it may be best to seek out the help of a local attorney to obtain legal advice, especially if there were severe injuries or fatalities involved.

Things to do in Carmichael CA for Father’s Day 2016

As a bedroom community of Sacramento, California, the town of Carmichael has plenty of local activities for you to enjoy on Fathers Day. Whether you and your father enjoy sports activities, museums or just hanging out, you will find several locations to share time with your father on this special day. Here are just a few of the many things to do in Carmichael CA for father’s day 2016.

1. Barbeque in Old Sacramento
Enjoy a delicious barbeque dinner at Ten22 Restaurant in Old Sacramento and explore the historic town with attractions ranging from riverboats and horse drawn carriages to underground tours and historic buildings. The Ten22 Restaurant features a special Barbeque dinner for father’s day.

2. California Automobile Museum
Experience a day at the California Automobile Museum where dad’s get in free on Father’s Day 2016. The California Automobile Museum in Sacramento offers a number of exciting exhibits and displays including Cars of the Stars, Local Car Clubs and unique innovations in the automotive industry. Your father can even experience a free ride in a classic car. The museum also includes a number of classes and special events where you can discover more about the work of the California Automobile Museum.

3. Fathers Day at Raley Field
Take in a Sacramento River Cats minor league baseball game where Dad’s get special attention on Father’s Day 2016. As the farm team for the San Francisco Giants professional baseball team, the River Cats include many of the up and coming stars of the future. You can get a special father’s day package that includes things like special seating as well as being able to play a game of catch on the field after the game.

4. Denio’s Farmers Market
Spend the day with your father exploring the famous Denio’s Farmers Market and Swap Meet in Roseville. You can enjoy everything from craft beers and classic cars to special exhibits and hand-dipped corn dogs. Denio’s has been a Roseville staple since 1947 and has gained a great reputation as a quality swap meet venue.

5. California State Railroad Museum
Take a ride with your dad on a diesel locomotive train when you visit the California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento. The museum includes an impressive display of classic trains and special exhibits regarding the age of the locomotives. The museum is offering a special Father’s Day weekend excursion train ride where you can relax and watch the scenery roll by as you enjoy this unique experience.

Are There Any Bankruptcy Lawyers in Carmichael, CA?

If you’re looking to file bankruptcy in the Carmichael, CA area, you may have many questions. To start, you may want to know if there are any experienced attorneys in the area. From there, you’ll need to decide the type of bankruptcy you want to file based on your income, assets and debt you’re looking to discharge.

Many Attorneys to Choose From

Luckily, there are a few different bankruptcy law firms to choose from. You can select from Michael Johnson, an experienced bankruptcy attorney in the Carmichael area. Or choose attorney Peter Cianchetta, another experienced bankruptcy lawyer. lists a few more experienced bankruptcy attorneys in the Carmichael area.

Determining the Type of Bankruptcy to File

The next thing on your to-do list is to determine the type of bankruptcy you want to file. Filing for individual bankruptcy is done through Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. Chapter 7 essentially wipes out your unsecured debt and allows you to start over completely. In order to qualify for Chapter 7, you must have little to no disposable income. Because you have no income, your assets are liquidated in order for you to pay as much to your creditors as possible. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is usually discharged within a few short months. The bankruptcy attorney you select can help you determine if you qualify.

If you don’t qualify for Chapter 7, you’ll need to consider Chapter 13. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is for those that have a steady, reliable income. With this plan, you’ll determine how much you have in unsecured debt and work with the bankruptcy trustee to set up a payment plan based on your income and other monthly payments, such as your mortgage or car payment. You make one payment each month to the bankruptcy trustee who then distributes your payment to your creditors. Chapter 13 helps to prevent any pending foreclosure on your home.

Contact a few different bankruptcy attorneys and discuss your options with each, and retain an attorney who has experience and is someone you feel comfortable with. Filing for bankruptcy is a big decision and not one to be taken lightly.