Cycling in Carmichael, California

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Situated among the scenic vistas of California, Carmichael and its environs provide an ideal setting for those passionate about cycling since it has a comprehensive array of bicycle routes that appeal to cyclists with varying levels of expertise. The region offers many cycling possibilities, including serene riverside paths and demanding mountain routes. These options encourage an active way of life and provide cyclists with the chance to engage with the region’s magnificent natural surroundings thoroughly.

The American River Parkway Trail

Near the vibrant metropolis of Sacramento, Carmichael offers a favorable location for commencing bike expeditions. The American River Parkway Trail, spanning 30 miles, is well recognized as a highly frequented path within the region. This trail runs next to the serene American River, contributing to its popularity among outdoor enthusiasts. The pathway provides a picturesque journey, showcasing enchanting vistas of the river, expansive meadows and verdant woodlands. When traversing this region, it is essential to exercise vigilance to detect the presence of deer, rabbits and other forms of fauna, since it serves as a habitat for diverse animal and avian species.

The Folsom-Auburn Trail

The Folsom-Auburn Trail offers a stimulating choice for anyone searching for a more demanding cycling experience. The course spans around 32 miles and encompasses a variety of terrains, including both gradual inclines and more challenging ascents. Cyclists can see breathtaking panoramas of Folsom Lake and the surrounding Sierra Nevada foothills. It is advisable to ensure enough water supply is packed and to use the authorized rest sites to recharge and appreciate the awe-inspiring views.

Local Parks

Furthermore, Carmichael has prominent hiking trails and offers a diverse range of bike lanes and routes, establishing itself as a community that prioritizes riding as a transportation and recreational activity. The nearby parks, including Carmichael Park and Ancil Hoffman Park, provide meticulously maintained pathways for family excursions or relaxed cycling activities.

The Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail

Expanding one’s exploration of the Sacramento region, enthusiastic bikers might uncover a plethora of more intriguing routes. The Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail, also known as the “American River Bike Trail,” spans from Discovery Park in the downtown area of Sacramento to Beal’s Point near Folsom. The renowned 32-mile path along the American River provides a picturesque expedition through natural surroundings, including notable sites such as California State University, Sacramento and the esteemed Sutter’s Fort.

The Yolo Causeway

The Yolo Causeway Bike Path offers a unique opportunity for cyclists as they go westward from Sacramento across the Yolo Causeway. This substantially elevated roadway stretches over the marshes and wetlands of the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area. The 15-mile route allows cyclists to admire the region’s unique landscapes and watch various migrating birds congregating during specific periods of the year.

The Auburn State Recreation Area

The Auburn State Recreation Area, located nearby, provides a sanctuary for anyone passionate about mountain riding. The Sierra Nevada foothills, with their enormous network of trails covering more than 100 miles, provide cyclists with an exhilarating and energizing experience among the complex landscape. This magnificent setting offers an immersive experience for riders looking for an exciting journey with its stunning canyons, gushing waterfalls and lush woodlands. The Confluence area, characterized by the convergence of the North and Middle Forks of the American River, is well renowned for its exhilarating singletrack routes.


The bicycle routes near Carmichael, California and the broader Sacramento region, provide a valuable and immersive encounter for those engaging in cycling activities, regardless of their skill level. This location offers a variety of cycling options to accommodate the preferences of all cyclists, whether they are looking for a tranquil ride along a peaceful river route or a more demanding experience on rugged hilly terrain. Carmichael and the Sacramento region are ideal destinations for cyclists due to their picturesque landscapes, solid communal bonds and unwavering dedication to cycling as a recreational and sporting activity. While these areas are bike friendly, remember cycling does not come without risks. Common causes of bicycle accidents in California include distractions, failure to follow traffic laws, unsafe road conditions and low visibility. Always ride defensively, make yourself visible to drivers and wear a helmet.

To go on an extraordinary expedition across the central region of California’s cycling paradise, it is recommended that one get a bicycle and start the exploration of the captivating sights that lie ahead.



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