DUI Crash in Carmichael California December 2021

Drinking under the influence is becoming a primary concern in California. State prosecutors are equally worried that road accidents are increasingly alarming. The level of alcohol intoxication among the drivers has accelerated, compared to numbers recorded the previous year in the same period. Intoxicating substances impair judgment while on the road, leading to road crashes. As a result, individuals are losing lives, cars are getting destroyed, and other huge losses.

Drivers need to remind themselves to be more vigilant on the roads and, most importantly, to avoid imbibing alcohol and other harmful substances while on the steering wheel. An ABC article has presented educative news on a recent crash case in California.

The Impacts of DUI Caused the Carmichael Crash

California patrol police report that the driver might have been under the influence of harmful substances before the accident. The crash happened a few minutes to 5.30 pm on Wednesday, December 29, 2021, along Walnut Avenue near Kinross road. Officers from the Highway Patrol arrived a few minutes later and found five people in critical condition. Vehicles involved in the head-on crash were an Optima and a Ford fusion.

The Kia motor vehicle had four occupants; a driver and three children at the backseat. On the other hand, the Ford machine had one person. The Kia driver- a woman aged 38 years from Carmichael succumbed to injuries. The rest of the occupants, all boys aged 13, 10, and six, survived. The 52-year-old lady on the steering wheel of the Ford equally escaped the jaws of death.

Police posit that the Kia was on its way North of Walnut toward the intersection at Kinross. On the other hand, the Ford was on its way Southbound, and it was at this juncture the unfortunate accident happened.

California DUI Laws

The law is clear on the punishment and fines that await you if found to engage in drunk driving. The first offense is punishable by a fine of about $2000 or jail of not less than 48 hours. Moreover, you may have to book yourself for a three-month alcohol education program. Therefore, you need to be on the lookout if you plan to drive on the California highways.

How to Prevent DUI Accidents

DUI-related accidents are the easiest to prevent. Handling this problem requires looking at it from two sides. First, ask yourself what you should or shouldn’t do as a person who expects to be on the wheel in a few minutes. Second, what should you do if you drive on the highways and see an approaching vehicle driven by a DUI? These questions will go a long way in curbing the recent accidents.

Here are additional tips on avoiding these accidents:

Pick a Designated Driver

Sometimes, the appetite for alcohol may be irresistible, especially when with peers. In such a case, it’s essential to make a preliminary plan and select a good driver who is not intoxicated to drive you home. Such a decision will protect your life and the lives of other road users. In addition, your vehicle will remain intact and you will escape compensation lawsuits.

Call a Taxi or a Ride-Sharing Service

In a situation where everyone is under the influence, it’s wise to call a taxi such as Uber or Lyft to take you home. Let your vehicle remain parked in a safe place and pick it up the following day. It’s more rational to spend a few coins on this service than put your life and others at risk.

Keep a Safe Distance

Signs to notice that a driver is under the influence include; driving on the wrong side of the road, taking the wrong turns, swerving in their lane, and driving under a low-speed limit. As a keen driver, these are hazards that you should detect from far. The best thing to do is to keep a distance and pull over, get the car’s details, and immediately call the police.
These safety tips will not only eliminate DUI accidents but will also reduce the total number of road accidents in the country.

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