Sports Massage Near Carmichael California

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MMA fighters, wrestlers, bikers, swimmers, rnuners and athletes of all types know the benefits of a sports massage, or will shortly after getting their first massage. Recovery times are accelerated as toxins are worked out of the body.

Here are some of the massage therapists and other wellness providers near Carmichael who provide sports massage:

Welshons Chiropractic and Wellness Center. Located on Fair Oaks Blvd in Carmichael California, Dr. Deb provides all sorts of services to local clients. On her website, she describes “What is a Dr-Debism?” And, people on Yelp absolutely love her:
Read Tee W.‘s review of Welshons Chiropractic on Yelp

Meltdown Beauty Lounge. Hair styling, skin care, and massages all take place at this Fair Oaks beauty salon. This place gets mixed reviews on Yelp, but people seem to really like the facials.

Cedar Springs Massage and Spa. This place, according to Google reviews, has really gone downhill lately. I haven’t been there personally, and can’t make any recommendations.

What makes a good sports massage?

This wellness center in San Marcos, California points out that some massage therapists use various modalities of massage and will custom tailor a massage for you to expedite muscle recovery. Their sports massage page goes on to explain that inrared therapy helps some athletes as well.

A Doctor in Riverside runs the “Sports Massage Clinic”. They treat specific medical conditions which athletes may encounter.

My pick

Given the above information, my personal vote goes to Welshons Chiropractic and Wellness Center. Have you been to Welshons? Did you get a good sports massage? Did you recover faster, and did it boost your performance?



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