Carmichael Pedestrian Struck and Killed December 2020

A woman trying to cross a street in Carmichael lost her life after getting struck by a car on Monday evening. According to the Sacramento Injury Attorneys Blog, the tragedy happened around 7 p.m. on Fair Oaks Boulevard at Marshall Avenue on December 21, 2020.

Officers say they found the 81-year-old victim suffering from major injuries when they arrived. She was flown to Mercy San Juan Medical Center in Carmichael but passed away a short time after arriving.

A 59-year-old Sacramento man driving the Ford Fusion that struck the victim stopped at the scene and cooperated with officers.

The investigation into the collision continues. Officers do not believe alcohol or drugs played a part in the accident.

Dangerous Pedestrian Accident Risks in Carmichael

Anywhere vehicle traffic and pedestrians are forced to share the streets heartbreaking accidents can occur. These tragedies can leave victims to recover from severe injury and families to grieve the loss of a loved one.

Pedestrians traveling anywhere in Sacramento County deserve safe sidewalks and well-designed crosswalks that force distracted drivers to focus on the road and anyone who may be on foot. When safety measures aren’t in place and careless drivers aren’t paying due caution to defenseless pedestrians, devastating accidents will continue to occur.

Sacramento County Alarming Pedestrian Accident Statistics

Sacramento County sees way too many of these tragic cases each year. In 2019, the county reported an astounding 577 pedestrian-involved accidents for the year. Those accidents led to 577 people being injured and claimed 58 lives.

It only takes a driver glancing down at a phone or looking over at a radio to create a dangerous moment of inattention. Distracted driving endangers any other motorists sharing the lane and any pedestrian who may be crossing the street and unaware of a driver not bothering to look out for them.

The consequences of these mistakes can be devastating and that’s why more needs to be done to protect anyone who travels Carmichael and Sacramento County streets on foot.

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