Where Hit and Run Accidents Occur in Sacramento

Hit and run accidents are on the rise across the country as well as in cities like Sacramento. In fact, a study by the American Automobile Association shows that since 2009, there is over a 62% increase in hit and run fatalities, an increase of about 7% a year.

Where is the Highest Hit and Run Risk in Sacramento

The best way to avoid an accident is to somehow know where and when it is going to happen ahead of time. Well, that’s probably a bit too much to ask, but a recent study by Autoaccident.com shows where hit and runs have happened over a two-year period of time which can prepare people to be more aware if they travel through these spots.

Most Dangerous Roads

The study shows which roads in Sacramento are the most dangerous to be on for the risk of a hit and run accident. The two highest incident roads are U.S. 50 and SR-99.US-50, known as Lincoln Avenue, runs east to west through the heart of Sacramento cutting the city in half. It’s one of the most traveled roads in the city which accounts for the high number of accidents.

SR-99 runs north and south through the southern section of Sacramento beginning at US-50 and out the southern tip. This is also one of the most well-traveled roads in the city.

Along with the top two, the study lists the following roads as being worthy to be vigilant when traveling:

Roads                                      Number (Approx. 2017,2018)

  • US-50 275
  • SR-99 273
  • I-5 245
  • SR-51 180
  • I-80 80
  • 12thAve                            78
  • Fruitridge Rd 73
  • Florin Rd 50
  • Stockton BL 49
  • J Street 47
  • Broadway 46
  • Mack Rd 44
  • E St 40
  • Truxel Rd 39
  • 65th St 38

Most Dangerous Places

Knowing what roads are the highest risk is helpful, but knowing which spots are the highest risk can be even more helpful. The study lists the most dangerous intersections for hit and run accidents. It’s no surprise that both US-50 and SR-99 play prominently in this part of the study.

However, there was one big surprise when the data was tabulated. The number one spot for hit and runs completely dwarfed any other spot in the city. At 12th Ave & SR-99, there were 84 in the two years of the study, and the next spot just a bit over one-third of that with 33 at Fruitridge Rd. & SR-99. Other notables were 5th & SR-99 with 28 and I-5 and US-50 also at 28.

Useful Data

This data can be used to help motorists, pedestrians and cyclists be more aware of their surroundings and act defensively to avoid an accident in the first place. It can also be used by city planners, traffic engineers and law enforcement to focus on these areas to catch hit and run drivers to hopefully give people an incentive not to flee.

Knowing that 12th and SR-99, for example, has almost 3 times any other spot, more cameras or higher definition cameras might be an option to help catch the fleeing motorists. Each of these hot spots can be studied and resources can be targeted to reduce the number of collisions and hit and run accidents

At present, it seems that hit and run accidents can’t be controlled, but studies like this can go a long way to shape policy and get those hit and run mumbers on the same decline as other accidents and fatalities.

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