Head On Collision in Carmichael CA Ends in Tragedy May 18 2016

California Highway Patrol recently responded to a terrible accident in which a car crossed into a turn only lane for oncoming traffic.

The passenger in the vehicle which crossed into oncoming traffic was taken to the hospital with severe injuries. Unfortunately, the woman, who was from Fair Oaks, later died from those injuries.

The initial news report is here on ABC10.

A local attorney points out on their blog that investigators are still determining the cause of the swerve/accident, and that sometimes distracted driving may play a role.

Similar crash in Stockton

Recently in Stockton there was a similar accident reported by Fox 40 where a Lincoln crossed into oncoming traffic and hit a truck head one. The driver of the Lincoln died as a result of the collision.

This Stockton injury lawyer says here that “On average there is a fatal auto accident in Stockton once every few weeks.”


If you or a loved one is injured it may be best to seek out the help of a local attorney to obtain legal advice, especially if there were severe injuries or fatalities involved.

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