Finding Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in Sacramento California

Today one of my friends asked me to find him a workers’ compensation lawyer. He as injured on the job while moving batteries. While moving the batteries, he spilled acid on his leg. While he was laid up recovering from that his shoulder began bothering him from moving heavy batteries a few days prior. The guy is a mess and his story is suspicious so right now it looks like the insurer wants to deny his claim. Time to consult with a lawyer.

I am pretty good at locating things online and gave it a shot. It was a tougher task than I thought. You would think that finding a lawyer would be easy. What we don’t have in Carmichael, we do have in Sacramento. Indeed, if you search for Sacramento workers’ compensation lawyers you will see pages all over the Internet. The problem is though, none of these are actual workers’ compensation lawyers.

Workers’ comp is not a glorious field to be in. After further digging, it appears that most lawyers with a workers’ comp page are actually personal injury lawyers looking for third party liability claims (personal injury claims). I also ran into some general practice law firms and even a family lawyer.

I have no idea who the “best” is so I’ll simply leave my research below:

Did I miss anyone? Would you prefer to utilize an attorney with a specific area of practice? Have you had experience with any of these lawyers?

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