Driver wanted in Carmichael Hit and Run

A woman from Carmichael, California was hit by a driver and killed in the early morning hours as she walked away from the bar she was at in March 2018. The driver did not stop after hitting Crystal Shrum, 26, and authorities are still searching for them.

Shrum was found lying on her stomach on Fair Oaks Boulevard at 12:13 a.m. Her body was close to Sunrise Boulevard. Katie Cameron, Shrum’s cousin, said that she, her boyfriend, Shrum, and her boyfriend were at Player’s Pub celebrating Shrum’s recent birthday. According to Cameron, they weren’t able to celebrate on her actual birthday because she had the flu.

Cameron described Shrum as one of the funniest people she knew, saying, “we could laugh at the dumbest things.”

According to her friends and family, Shrum had left the bar to follow her boyfriend. There had reportedly been an argument and he decided to walk home. While nobody knows the details about what went down before Shrum was hit, evidence suggests that she was already lying face down when the car hit her.

Police hope to release more details about what was going on before Shrum was hit, and they hope to quickly find the driver who did not stop after hitting her.

Cameron is devastated by the loss of her best friend and cousin. She describes whoever did this as “the worst kind of person,” adding, “you don’t just drive away.”

Officers who arrived on the scene were informed that Shrum had been drinking and left the bar to go home and find her boyfriend. They have not determined what kind of vehicle hit Shrum, but they did find small pieces of the car at the scene, and it appears to be gray in color. Police have no witnesses at this time, but those who live in the area have said that the stretch of road Shrum was hit on, which has many hills and is known to be very windy, is not very well lit and can be hard to navigate, especially in the early morning hours.

CA Personal Injury Attorneys at Pacific Law Group point out on their website that leaving the scene of a crash where someone was injured or killed is a felony in the state of California.

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