Carmichael California DMV Offices Closed October 2016

The DMV today blamed their computer woes as the perfect storm.

Hard drives crashes left several computers down. They had a recovery plan in place, however, several computers failed at the same time, and the DMV simply couldn’t handle having so many machines down at once, hence, the perfect storm.

According to Sacramento CBS Local, offices affected by the outage in the region include Sacramento, Stockton, South Lake Tahoe, Auburn, Carmichael, Roseville, Woodland, Yuba City, Manteca, Jackson, Vacaville, Turlock, Sonora, Modesto, Folsom and Fairfield.

Some residents will be unable to get their vehicle registration until lines cool down. And that means much more walking. All that walking may lead to some people needing massage therapy! Their article on massage therapy says that “some muscles won’t be used to the new level of activity they are being used for, and may end up feeling sore any how. This is where massage therapy can really help.”

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