Bringing in 2017 Stress Free

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Whether it’s getting hammered, going to bed early, hanging out with the family, going to church or just checking out some fireworks, if you are reading this you are likely ready for 2016 to end.

For many, it was a stressful year. We had the election, media playing stories which hey seemed to invent in their sleep, stock market uncertainty, all topped off with one of the most traveled holiday seasons in US history.

Here are some ways to bring in 2017:

Get a massage. Massages reduce holiday stress. This massage therapist says: “A massage therapist can locate knots, trigger points, and other areas that need attention and you’ll leave your massage with reduced stress and an enhanced sense of well being.”

Hit the gym. We have multiple gyms here in Carmichael. Fitness Evolution, California Family Fitness, and 24 Hour Fitness. You will better yourself and live longer.

Party! The Black Party at McLellan Conference Center, the Boa Party at The Last Word, watching fireworks with the family way out in the San Francisco Bay or in Sacramento at the Sky Spectacular, there are lots of different ways to spend New Years Even in Carmichael CA. You can find more of these at eventbrite.

Happy 2017!

How are you spending New Years?

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