The best bike trails in Carmichael California

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Looking to explore the beautiful area of central California on two wheels instead of four? Bravo — Carmichael has an abundance of biking trails that offer top-of-the-line scenery as well as a challenging workout for your quads. Read on for brief recaps of the top five — bearing in mind that in the Sacramento region, it’s difficult to go wrong no matter which you choose.

Alamo Creek Bikeway
This is a 4.4-mile journey that connects several local parks, making it a good choice for newcomers who are on the lookout for a new chill-out spot. The shaded asphalt path is popular with wildlife as well as bipeds — be on the lookout for beavers!

American River Bike Trail
The truly adventurous should give this 32-mile behemoth a try. Also known as the Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail, the trail runs from Old Sacramento to the banks of Folsom Lake, over knee-friendly asphalt terrain. Though you can expect a few rolling hills, the majority of the trail is shaded and level.

Bannon Creek Parkway
What Bannon Creek lacks in length, it makes up for in character. Though it covers only 1.3 miles, the asphalt and concrete trail connects Jefferson and Bannon Creek Parks, the latter of which is dog-friendly. The brevity of the experience makes it a good fit for the entire family — even the four-legged ones.

Calaveras River Bike Path
This 6.71-mile path connects several area schools, making it an excellent choice for a peaceful weekend ride. Be aware that the well-traveled asphalt is easily affected by weather conditions, and the nearby levee is prone to flooding — do a quick reconnaissance mission if you’re planning a trip after a rainstorm.

El Dorado Trail
The perfect option for those looking to get off the beaten path, El Dorado offers a whopping 35.9 miles of challenging dirt-and-gravel terrain (with some stretches of asphalt). Some of the many sights you’ll see along the way include a railway in progress; the Weber Creek trestle; and Placerville, a town that evokes the Old West vibe of the gold rush days.

Again, this is just a sampling of some of the best bicycle trails that Carmichael has to offer. For more ideas, as well as information on the above, look to the handy Trail Link website. There’s also several lists of where to bicycle in Sacramento as well, and, don’t forget to always wear a helmet, and to observe basic safety protocol while enjoying your cycling adventure. Happy trails!

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