Can I Grow Bananas in Carmichael CA?

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Let’s Go Bananas!

California is perhaps known best for its’ gorgeous climate and beautiful shrubberies. So, when asking if bananas can be grown in the city of Carmichael, the answer is absolutely! You must simply keep an eye out for the best kinds for you particular area.
California Gold is a fantastic variety to start out with when attempting to grow your own edible arrangement. Other variations to consider are Misi Luki, Raja Puri, and a particularly interesting kind named Ice Cream. You can get these from farmers markets as well as Asian districts, and they aren’t too costly.
In the Bay Area, bananas do have a reputation for being difficult to grow, but if kept warm and dry, the plant will flourish. Keeping the soil free from excessive moisture and above 68 degrees Fahrenheit, you should have some wonderful fruiting to look forward to.

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